Carter Craft Boat Registry.Com

The " Carter Craft Boat Registry" started in 2008 recording boat owners in the USA and Canada. We currently have members from 16 states and the Netherlands. The registry is free, and as a member you will receive a copy of the registry and updates throughout the year. This is one way of contacting owners for restoration ideas, needed parts, and for buying and selling Carter Craft Boats. To get registered we need the following; (Name, State where boat resides, E-mail address, year of boat, length, model, side view picture, serial number if possible which is stamped in the dash, boat name if any, and status of the boat - orginial, restored or restoration in process) E-mail the information to ( )

Carter Craft Boats Unique Feature: Most of the Carter Craft runabout models featured two portholes in the bow on each side of the boat.  The rear portholes could be opened up for outside ventilation.  They were useful for overnight sleeping in the bow of the boat.